Leave ADDIE: An Action Plan To Harness Agile-based SAM

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[On-Demand Online Course] Leave ADDIE: An Action Plan To Harness Agile-based SAM   

Two 75-Minute Sessions | $59.95  

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The goal of this online course is to help learning design and development professionals harness and apply some of the agile aspects of SAM in their current learning development process.

Attendees will:

  • Gain an understanding of what it really means to execute agile instructional design with the SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION MODEL (SAM), the roadblocks it addresses such as managing SMEs, timelines, and budgets, and the power of collaboration and iterative development.
  • Evaluate your ID process and create an implementation plan for anchoring your existing development process with successful SAM moments.
  • Walk away with an actionable plan to implement these agile moments as well as measure them.

In this online course you will learn:

  • Why an agile process requires a performance-based design approach
  • What it means to execute agile instructional design with SAM
  • The power of Iterations & Collaboration
  • How to anchor your process with successful moments of SAM
  • How to create an action plan to implement and anchor your existing ID process with identified SAM moments.

**This on-demand course includes an offline self-directed activity to help you think through your current development process, to identify steps in your process where you can integrate SAM activities, and to create success criteria for each SAM integration activity.

When you purchase this course you will have access to two 75 min on-demand sessions, the offline self directed activity worksheets and the ability to download the slide decks for both sessions.