Guide: Allen Interactions' Taxonomy Alignment for Gaming (TAG) Model

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The buzzword of the moment is "gamification" of learning. What does this mean for instructional designers? Is it possible to blend tried and true theories of instructional design while meeting the needs of your learner population and stakeholders who are begging for games? Does gamification of e-learning even make sense for your organization or the needs of your learners? 

The  Allen Interactions’ Taxonomy Alignment for Gaming (TAG) is a tool to help guide instructional designers in their quest to incorporate gamification into their learning designs.  Grounded in learning theory, this tool aligns types of games to the behavioral change an organization is looking to achieve.

See how Allen Interactions' Seven Magic Keys, CCAF-based Design (Context, Challenge, Activity, Feedback), and instructional interactivity compare to game theory. Learn how to avoid gaming just for the sake of gaming, and truly align gaming to your instructional needs!

 NOTE: This product is the white paper only version. If you would like access to the on-demand webinar, presentation slides and other materials, please see this listing.