Guide: A New Instructional Road Map to Transform Your Interactivity

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Michael Allen's CCAF-based Design Model for designing instructional interactivity (that defines good interactivity as having Context, Challenge, Activity, and Feedback) is one that we at Allen Interactions have been advocating for many years. 

Context presents a particular challenge to designers, as this is an aspect rarely even mentioned in traditional instructional design courses. And we have been trained to focus above all on getting the content right, with the context often being an afterthought. Context is a lot more than "making it pretty" or "making it fun”― it involves creating immediate meaning and significance in the mind of the learner.  

In this guide, learn how to design context and take full advantage of its role in creating effective interactions. Ethan will introduce The CCAF Context Design Matrix for e-Learning to assist you in maximizing the impact of meaningful context when you set out to build your next e-learning course or project. This method will be illustrated with several real-world e-learning examples.

NOTE: This product is the white paper only version. If you would like access to the on-demand webinar, presentation slides and other materials, please see this listing.