First Aid for e-Learning: An Action Plan to Revive Your Interactive Designs

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First Aid for e-Learning: An Action Plan to Revive Your Interactive Designs   

Two On-Demand 75-Minute Sessions | $59.95  

Course Description: 

In this two-part online course explore and apply e-learning first aid steps with an in-class exercise and practical application that will assist you in creating better e-learning interactions and add meaning and instructional significance to routine questioning.

Get guidelines centered around ideas that drive meaning through appropriate contexts, considering the usefulness of available gestures, and challenging through applied, rather than recall, scenarios.

After this online course you will be able to:

  • Identify critical flaws in standard questioning formats
  • Detail specific and focused strategies for crafting effective interactions
  • Apply three first aid techniques to improve specific testing strategies

Course Exercise: During the first day of this two-part online course, you will get to apply First Aid to an e-learning interaction example.

Offline Activity: Put the e-learning first aid steps into action! In the offline activity you will apply first aid to a work project of your choice. During the second session you will hear several examples from the live course.

NOTE: You will not submit your offline activity in the on-demand class. This is a self-directed exercise intended to help you gain practical application of the e-learning first aid steps. 

**When you purchase this course you will have access to two 75 min on-demand sessions, the offline self directed activity, a downloadable action guide, and the ability to download the slide presentations for b both sessions.